Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War Ii

Topics: World War II, United States, Photography Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Blakely Durham
Professor Perkins
ENGL 1302
8 May 2013
Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War II
World War II was a very iconic and memorable time in American history. Because the war lasted for nearly seven years, the ending was an absolute celebration. The United Sates had come out on top and citizens all around the country rejoiced for weeks. Two people in particular, a sailor and a nurse, celebrated with a kiss. The kiss was photographed and is now known as “Sailor Kissing Nurse,” while also becoming one of the most highly influential pictures ever taken in American history. This photo not only marked the end of World War II (WWII), but it also gave Americans the sense of a new post-war beginning.

The “Sailor Kissing Nurse” picture features a young man in a sailor’s uniform holding a young women in a nurse’s uniform and kissing her passionately. The picture is obviously taken in an earlier time period because not only is it black and white but also all the clothing bystanders are wearing look like those wore in the 1940s. The man and woman are surrounded by surprised yet jubilant fellow Americans. The background insinuates a huge celebration which makes the kiss ever more significant. At the time, the photo was taken during a chaotic and exciting time period in American history. While taking the picture, the photographer was unaware that the “Sailor Kissing Nurse” photograph would become of the most iconic pictures ever taken and become known as the picture that symbolized the end of World War II (WWII). For many Americans, WWII was a very long and difficult time period. The nation struggled as thousands of men were deployed to service and women were left to care for their families. Rations were given to citizens in order to ensure that there was enough food and supplies to ship overseas to the soldiers. Women were beginning to really become a part of the labor force because they had to take over the men’s jobs because so many of them were...

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