Topics: Kayak, Paddle, Boat Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Sailing. Eoin Brennan.
The class from the school to the dart staion where we waited for Mr. Tansey to arrive at the dart station. While we waited we talked about what we had all done voer the summer, and what tha plans would be for results night. As the dart arrived at the station we al got ready to get on and sit down on our way to Salthill. To our dissapointement, there were no available seats so we were forced to stand! The few that were left standing, which included me, chatted about what we thought the sailing would entail. Then, once again to our dissapointment, one of the lads noticed that there was no wind! As a result, we could not sail, so we kayaked.

We walked up from the dart station to the centre and on the way, hoped that maybe the wind would pick up, but our hopes and dreams were all dead at this stage.... When we got to the centre we were greeted by two men, one was quite small, and the the other was average. The were both wearing wet-suits up to their waists, and were equipped with strange looking waterproofed electronics. We were directed into a room towards tha back of the building. Around the walls there were chairs and in the corner was a televison. Also there was a whiteboard. When were all seated comfortably we had a short talk with our instructors about the day ahead of us....
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