Sagar Narrative Report

Topics: Guru Nanak Dev, Sikh, Singing Pages: 6 (1272 words) Published: February 11, 2017

Sagar Tiwari is a young 20 year old Delhiite from an affluent family who chose to break free from under his parents’ safe and secure care. He is a student by day, part time direct seller by mid day and a singer by night.
Sagar was always drawn towards singing as a young boy, his passion for music and performing on stage made way when he got his first guitar at the age of 16. “Everyone knows when a guy fashions a guitar he has the attention of every girl in the room, that is partly why I enjoyed playing at school and in my classroom,” says Sagar with a chuckle, “all the boys would stand in a corner cursing me,” he laughs out. “I know it was an immature attitude, but that is what helped me and brought me to where I am today,” he adds. Sagar looks...

I was short listed and victoriously secured a seat in B.Com Program, but unfortunately that was not what I wanted so I had to migrate to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College(SGND Khalsa) from where I will be graduating as a B.Com Honours student in few months.” Sagar joined the singing society and now represents his college nationally.
Fast forward one and a half years of his college life, Sagar took up direct selling as a part time career. Direct selling is selling of products from the producer to the customer with no intermediary. “I represent a whole industry. An industry that is still growing and is not gone viral in our country yet hence giving all of us plenty of room to grow in,” says the young entrepreneur. Sagar gratefully thanks his mentors who helped him learn from scratch and pushed him to be the professional direct seller he is today. “I joined during the summer of 2015 with absolutely no knowledge about the industry, that was my first hardship. All I wanted was to do something productive during my college days,” says the inspiring young man, he continues, “like any other student, I have big dreams, to buy a car, to be financially stable...

He is grateful to his parents and the principal of his college who gave him the liberty to go ahead and build an empire for himself. He is proud of what he has made of himself, “I was bullied in school. I used to go to school and was the topic of mockery. I used to silk and cry everyday. The struggle was real,” he reminiscences, “I am grateful I overcame that and have come so far,” he adds. He strongly believes that in a world where everyone dreams about living in a bungalow, and own a couple of fancy cars, it is only an artist who is contented with a guitar and a couple of souls to sing to. But Sagar is an artist who wants it all. When asked what he sees himself doing in the future, he confidently replies, “I want to buy a car in two months, a house by the end of 2018, a car for my mother by 2019. I want to launch an album by 2021 and by 2026 I want to be the owner of a house in Mumbai,” says the ambitious lad.
Presently Sagar addresses gatherings across the country. He started with a group of 500 students and is now booked for a seminar of about 20,000 students later this year. “Telling my story to students my age certainly inspires them, and in-turn inspires me,” says the young man who wants to retire at the age of...
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