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Tool Talk Eye Protection
Every day approximately 1,000 eye injuries occur in the Construction Industries’ workplace. While the cost of these injuries is rising per year in medical expenses, lost production time, and workers’ compensation, no Riyal amount can reflect the pain and personal toll these injuries have on the victims. Of all human soft tissue, the eye is the most vulnerable and takes long time to heal. What are causes of Workplace eye injuries? • Not wearing eye protection - Three of every five eye injury victims were not wearing eye protection at the time of their accidents. • Wearing the wrong kind of eye protection for the job - About 4% of injured workers in a recent survey were wearing some form of eye protection when the injury occurred; however, they were wearing glasses without side shields. • Flying particles – Almost 70% of the injuries studied resulted from flying or falling objects or sparks striking the eye. Three-fifths of the objects were smaller than a pinhead, and most were traveling faster than a handthrown object when the injury occurred. • Swinging objects - such as Protection. For it to be effective, however, workers must use it appropriately, • Fitting the protection to the job - About 94% of eye injuries to workers wearing eye protection resulted from objects or chemicals going tree limbs, ropes, chains, or tools that were pulled into the while workers were using them, accounted for many injuries. • Contact with chemicals - Accounted for about one-Fifth of all eye injuries. • Optical Radiation: Welding – Using welding helmets such as safety spectacles or goggles are intended to shield the eyes and face from optical radiation, heat, and impact. Glare – Controlling glare with special-purpose spectacles that includes filter or special purpose lenses, tinted or visor-type shade, and changes in your work area to provide protection against eye strain. Lasers – Exposure to laser beams must be furnished. Suitable laser safety goggles...
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