Safety Tips for the Office and Classroom

Topics: Desk, Walking, Injury Pages: 2 (298 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Accidents do happen in school offices and classroom.
Few school office employees realize that they are twice as likely to be injured in a fall as a non-office worker. Nationally,only automobile accidents out number fall as the leading cause of all accidents.In the office slips,trips and falls are the number one cause of disabling injures. * -------------------------------------------------

Don’t lean back on your chair.Keep all legs on the floor so that you do not end up on the floor.Take time to reach out and hold to the chair – be sure that the chair is beneath you as you sit. * -------------------------------------------------

Keep the floor and walkway clear of electrical,telephone and computer cable,boxes, etc.They are tripping hazards waiting to happen. * -------------------------------------------------
Close one drawer in your desk before getting up and close file drawer before walking away from the file cabinet. This prevent the danger of people walking into and open file drawer or desk drawer. * -------------------------------------------------

Store supplies inside cabinet,not on top of them. Store heavy items in lower drawer or on low shelves. * -------------------------------------------------
Watch out of the slippery surfaces. Spilled liquids crete hazards and need to be cleaned up/or identified immeditely. * -------------------------------------------------
Look were you are going. Don’t block your view by carrying loads higher than eye level. * -------------------------------------------------
Don’t read while walking. It doesn’t save enough time to justify the risk. * -------------------------------------------------
Walk do not run. Please slow down.
* -------------------------------------------------
Don’t climbs on chairs,desks or boxes. Use a step ladder instead. * -------------------------------------------------
Hold on handrails when using...
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