Safety Precautions in Bench Fitting Shop

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Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah.

Fitting Shop
Fitting Shop or Bench Work
The fitting and bench work plays an important role in engineering work shop. The work carried out at the fitting bench or bench vice is called bench work.

Safety Precautions
The following safety precautions should be taken when using hand tool and equipments. Precautions are most important for safety from accident. Keep proper discipline in the shop. Do not play with the tools because they are sharp All files should be fitted with suitable handle at the end of file. When using Hacksaw, check its teeth should be sharp and forward position. When using chisel its direction should be kept away from other working persons. When files are of forward cut, then only apply the force in forward stroke not in backward and vice versa. When using Hacksaw check its blade which must be fitted in pins properly. When using the micrometer and vernier caliper, must check its error. Clean up oil and grease or other liquid which spills on the flour otherwise they may be a cause of accident. Always wear the apron and closed shoes, not loose clothes. Do not wear any neck tie, jewelery, rings, watches during in the working in shops.

Fitting tools
The tools used in fitting shop may be classified into following groups. Measuring: Steel Rule, Inside Caliper, Outside Caliper and Vernier Caliper Holding: All types of vices Cutting: Chisel, Hacksaw and Files Strickling: All types of Hammers Drilling: Various types of Drills Threading: Tap and Dies Marking: Scriber, Divider and Center Punch Fixing: Spanner, Wrenches, Keys and Screw Driver Checking: All types of Gauges

Measuring Tools
Steel Rule It is a cliff straight steel strip having all faces machined true. One of flat face graduation mark and in inches and also in centimeters. It is used to set out dimensions.

Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah.

Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah.

Try Square It consists of steel blade fixed at right angle to the edge of cast iron stock. It is used for checking of right angles, the squareness and surface and also draw line at right angle.

Combination Sets It is commonly useful tool. It corporate all essential features of triangle, protector, spirit level and steel rule. It consist of four parts, Steel Rule Square Head Center Head Protector Head Square Rule On steel rule other parts slide. They are locked in the groove in the blade. Square Head It can be used by moving the blade as the try square. Center Head The center square head may be used to extend a line around a corner, to find the center of round piece or to find the center at the end of the shaft. Protector Head The protector is used for measuring angle and can be clamped in any direction or position. Scriber It is made of steel and one end is sharp pointed and other end is similar but bent. This tool is used for scribing line on work piece.

Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah.

Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah.

Center Punch A punch is primarily a marking tool used in bench work and known as center punch, this tool is used for making center for turning on lathe machine as well as for centering of holes for drilling.

Divider It is used chiefly for spacing, scribing, circling and laying out work. Distance may be taken or transfered from the steel rule to the work piece.

Holding Tools
Bench Vice

Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah.

Electric Shop (Wokshop Technology) Waqas Ali Tunio (07ME34), QUEST, Nawabshah.

The bench vice is very essential tool in every shop but commonly used in fitting shop. It is used for holding and attaching the work to the bench. It has two jaws, one is fixed and other is movable. Parts of the Vice Cast Iron...
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