Safety Management Systems In The Aviation Industry

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Aviation Safety Systems


SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Safety Management Systems in the Aviation Industry


This topic area covers the second and third sessions. Now that some of the basic terms and concepts associated with safety management systems and risk management have been discussed, it is important to outline what a safety management system encompasses, and the benefits it can bring when implemented and maintained within an organisation such as an airline. Not only must organisations be aware of operational issues such as scheduling, crewing, and administration, but all staff members must be made aware of the importance of implementing measures to identify, analyse, and monitor safety concerns. Within these sessions, the elements of a Safety Management System will be discussed, as well as the regulatory environment safety must be practiced within.

Prior Learning Time

Participants must have a sound understanding of the terminology used to describe safety management systems. You will need a minimum of 12 hours to complete this section.

Learning Outcome 1 Performance Criteria 1.1 Performance Criteria 1.2

List the common elements of a safety management system Define a safety management system in the context of aviation operations. Discuss the benefits of developing and implementing a safety management system within an organisation. Outline some of the elements in a successful safety management system.

Performance Criteria 1.3

Learning Outcome 2

Describe the impact the regulatory framework has on development of aviation safety management systems. Study the international and national regulations important when establishing safety management systems. List some associations and foundations promoting safety practices within the aviation community.

Performance Criteria 2.1

Performance Criteria 2.2

Aviation Safety Systems

Learning Outcome 3

Discuss examples of how safety management systems have been developed for specific organisations. Describe at least four methods used by various organisations to manage safety within their environment. Apply principles described in these examples to develop a safety management system for a small aviation operator.

Performance Criteria 3.1

Performance Criteria 3.2

Assessment Table Assessment All Learning Outcomes All Performance Criteria All

Aviation Safety Systems

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Aviation Safety Systems
CASA CAAP SMS-3(0) (2009)
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