Safety Essay

Topics: Dormitory, Mind, College, University, Thought, Hostel / Pages: 3 (680 words) / Published: Apr 14th, 2013
Rayana Holmes
Safety Reflection Paper

What is safety? Can any one definition truly define what safety is and how do we know when we are safe? Safety is an ongoing concern in the world. No one should ever have to go somewhere and feel unsafe. As much as we all like to think we are safe, they are many times when we are in our comfort zones but we may not necessarily be safe. When you are in places where there are large amounts of people you don’t always think of the dangers that could lurk around any corner. Since you never know what’s going on in someone’s mind you can’t always assume you are safe and let your guard down because when you let your guard down that’s when you are in the most danger. Safety is especially important when you are living on a college campus. There are so many stories throughout history where you have heard of school or campus shootings. It’s amazing that students today can go every day without even worrying about something like that happening. Campus police, policies and guidelines, and community help to keeps thoughts or worries about such dangers away. Signing in guests is an important policy we have here at Montclair State University. Although many students find it to be a hassle and a waste of time, it is important to always know and have account of who is in the building at any given time. This helps to prevent any such dangers from happening in a residence hall. With such a large amount of people living in residence halls alone it could get crazy if anyone could just come into the dorms. Sneaking in guests can have major consequences because when someone is sneaking a guest in you have no clue why they are. You are unsure of any motives or reason behind why someone is being snuck in. It could also make some people feel very fearful and unsafe if they are aware of someone who was snuck in. Even if it is just another college student who doesn’t live in that particular dorm, you never know what is going on in anyone else’s mind

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