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Keep Calm, Safety First.

Many people wonder why several tragedies such as gun violence appear in news and happen in our day-to-day lives. A lot of families has suffered to see the death from their family members or friends for these reasons. Some major ways to preclude this from happening are, checking backgrounds from every person that is going to purchase a gun, stricter safety and security in every public place, and taking classes that can be just for the people that need or are purchasing any kind of weapons. As a strong nation that we are, we need to make an effort to make a transformation and make this world a safer place to live in. No doubt, people now in days buy guns for protection or for their own personal reasons. The bad thing is, overall people that purchase guns have a tendency to have bad purposes on using the gun. What the government should ensure to do an internal background check on everything they need to know about the purchaser. The fundamentals that they should consider looking for is, if they are illegible, if they have any sort of medical problems that they are dealing with , or any criminal records. The better research they do on the customer, the lesser chance of having a future gun violence in their city. For every community, nation, country, schools, any public place, you can be at, the number one priority, they should have is safety for everybody. No one wants to be worried all the time if someone comes and starts to shoot up the place that they are at. They want to feel as if the place there at, can be the innocuous place they can perpetually be at. For example, the security that they had at Sandy Hooks Elementary school, wasn’t all of the best security that they can assist. A lot of kids died at the school because of one mistake that could've been easily fixed. That on mistake was the lack of the protection from the security officers. In every school, they should never let just anybody walk...
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