Safer Private Prisons the Move to Downgrade Private Prison Operations at Correctional Facilities in Ohio

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Safer Private Prisons
The move to downgrade private prison operations at correctional facilities in Ohio

Prepared for
Director Gary C. Mohr
State of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
770 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43222

Prepared by
Jon M. Davis
Citizens for Safer Prisons
123 Avenue A
Columbus OH, 43222

Prepared October 11, 2012

Citizens for Safer Prisons Jon M. Davis
123 Avenue A
Columbus, OH 43222

October 11, 2012

Director Gary C. Mohr
Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
770 W. Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43222

Dear Director Mohr:
Citizens for Safer Prisons is a grass roots movement made up of primarily current and former State Corrections Officers looking for ways to help improve the current prison system administered by your department. This improvement covers, but is not limited to, community safety, budget issues, internal safety for both staff and inmates, and general operation principles and guidelines endorsed by your department and the governor. An issue we are focusing on is that the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DR&C) has continued to use cost as the underling justification to expand the “Privatization” program in this state. They have given figures upfront on bids, operational expenditures, tax revenues that knowingly were based on bad presumptive data. Most of this initial data has been recalculated, adjusted, or even ignored, but only after contracts have been signed with the vendor in question. Often these very contracts have clauses in them for increasing cost to repair facilities they have purchased. These increases are then passed back to the citizens of Ohio to pay. We contend that the State of Ohio and your department in particular have knowingly forgone public and institutional safety in the name of cost cutting. We do agree that there is a place and service for the current (and only) vendor, Correction Corporation of America (CCA) to provide for the citizens of Ohio, but it is in the operation of CBCF. The primary sources for our data collection were various State of Ohio websites, and interviews with current CO’s. Both CCA and DR&C have declined, or ignored our requests for information and interviews. Sincerely,

Jon M. Davis
Citizens for Safer Prisons

Table of Contents
Letter of Transmittali
Executive Summaryiii
Purpose and Scope1
What is Privatization?3
Why Privatization?4
Bad Data, Higher Costs5
Safety is the bottom line6
Works Cited10

List of Illustrations

Figure 1Budgeted Operational Costs 2012………………………………………………..5 Figure 2Inmate Population Comparison………………………………………………….6 Figure 3Inmate to staff ratios……………………………………………………………..8

Safer Private Prisons
The move to downgrade private prison operations at correctional facilities in Ohio

Executive Summary

It is with great understanding and appreciation for your department’s efforts in proper budget management that we are providing the information found that contradicts the State’s position on privatizing Ohio’s adult correctional facilities.

In researching the available data, primarily through the State’s and third party web sites, this organization has found that the numbers just don’t wash. The money that was to be saved when selling this program to legislators and the public has not been realized. In fact, most cases prove that this venture has been more costly than estimates hoped.

There are several key areas that prove this out, such as clauses in contracts that allocate responsibility for institutional repairs staying with the State, higher inmate on inmate and inmate on staff violence, increased number in legal action against the State as a result of real and perceived wrong doing by the private company operating the facilities.

Additional areas of concern are the...

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