safeguarding unit 2

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1.2 describe the roles of different agencies involved in safeguarding the welfare of children and young people.
All schools have the responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children within the school. There should always be a named member of staff who has particular responsibilities for safeguarding children and also for e safety.
All schools have a responsibility to: Develop a child’s knowledge and awareness of what is acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour, this includes internet use.
To know when a child is on the ‘at risk register’ and to support and protect said child.
To provide any opportunities for professional training of all staff relating to safeguarding.
To have policies and security systems put into place for e learning such as training for children and software filters.
Observe any signs of abuse that may be happening such as changes in behaviour, physical signs, or failure to thrive, and voice any concerns.
Monitor and keep records as well as sharing any information with other agencies. With the school there are also outside agencies that work alongside the school to help provide the safeguarding of children and young people these are
Children’s social care (social services)
Local safeguarding children’s board (LSCB)
UK council for child internet safety (UKCCIS)
National health services (NHS)
The national society for the prevention of cruelty to children (NSPCC)
Each of these organisations Have certain responsibilities that must be followed in order to safeguard the welfare of children and young people.
POLICE work closely with children’s social care to protect children from harm. All forces have A special unit that specialises in this particular field this is called the child abuse investigation unit (caiu).
Their roles and responsibities include:
Deciding if a crime has been committed and if so beginning a criminal investigation.
The gathering of as much evidence as possible from social services other

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