Safeguarding Adults M2

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For my assignment I have been asked to explain the role of supportive relationships in reducing the risk of abuse and neglect. Supportive relationships help reduce stress and improve an individual’s general health and well-being. The more people in an individual’s life it is more likely that they will have a supportive relationship with one of them. It is important to make time to develop and reinforce relationships by meeting up with them by going out and having fun with them. Developing an effective working relationship with individuals is important for a professional care worker, its all about using communication skills correctly and using the two way process and making a connection with other person. To have a relationship you need to understand what makes them work so you can make useful and supportive relationships with work colleagues. Listening is an important part of supportive relationships. When someone has had a hard day, is going through a crisis or has a problem sometimes being able to talk about their feelings will release their stress and they will feel better about themselves. They may want to share the experience, vent frustration about the situation or have someone to agrees with their feelings. Knowing the people around you can bring a sense of security and a sense of pride. It’s nice to know you can depend on those around you in times of a crisis and it makes coming home feel nicer too e.g. proactive parents support individuals through difficult times such as unemployment. They help by encouraging the individual to seek employment and may support them financially. Some supportive skills be;

·Ask about their feelings and listen
·Don’t offer advice without asking permission
·Reflect back what you hear so they know you were listening and you understand ·It is not a good idea to tie their feeling in with your own experience but question them about their feelings ·Listen and do not be impatient to get a word in

·Pay attention...
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