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Children Act 2003 (previously Children Act 1989) After the death of Victoria Climbie serious case reviews were required to change services that were not working together to protect children and young people. This law simplifies all laws that protect children in the UK and ensure that they stay safe. Working together to safeguard children 2006 (previously Working together to safeguard children 1999) – Separate documents that emphasised the responsibilities of those working with children at risk. Changes were made in 2006 to the safeguarding practice following the Laming and Bichard enquiries The vetting and barring scheme October 2009 – this prevents unsuitable people from working with children & vulnerable adults. From July 2010 all people wanting to work with children will have to register with the ISA (Independent Safeguarding Enquiry) DBS Record. At times when a child dies or is seriously injured and abuse or neglect are the suspected factors serious case reviews are required to discover the reason behind the events that occurred to ensure they don’t happen again and innocent children are not seriously harmed. Reviews are called by the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board when a child dies and abuse or neglect are the known or suspected causes. In my setting there are processes and procedures that we have to follow to ensure we are doing everything correctly to safeguard children. There should be clear lines of responsibility so everyone knows what to do/where to go if you think children may be at risk. There are also policies we must adhere to these are

Health and safety
Child protection
Contact with children and performing personal care (Changing nappies/Clothes, applying sun cream, cleaning up injuries Outings (permission is needed by parents to go off site)
Visitors to the setting (Visitors/volunteers should not be left alone with the children) Risk assessments must be carried out regularly to ensure all areas of the setting, all play equipment and toys are safe for the children to use. Data protection act – protects all people within the setting, employers and people who have access to personal details should always keep personal information personal, and only reveal certain information when needed to with permission from the person to do so. Personal details should be kept secure, with passwords on laptops and locks on safes and cabinets that hold details of children and adults. This data should be kept accurate and up to date, everyone has the right to change details if needed.

Partnership working is effective when each person has a role, vulnerable children need coordinated help from, health, education, children’s social care. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children depends on how effective the partnership working is, the importance if this runs through every aspect of safeguarding from government legislation to local working. The key elements of Every Child Matters: Change For Children are all focused on partnership working, eg: The duty to cooperate to promote the well-being of children and young people. The duty to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people The appointment of local directors of children’s services to coordinate local government services. The development of an integrated inspection framework including education, care and health inspection Workforces reform to help develop skills and ensure staffing levels Roles and responsibilities of different organisations:

Social services – Responsibilities to provide support to vulnerable children and families in need. Health visitors – have the responsibility for the health of babies and young children under 5. Providing support and guidance to the parents. GPs – Work in the community usually from health centres and are the gateway to other health services. GPs are often the first people to identify possible abuse when a child attends the surgery. Police – are often involved in...
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