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Children Act 1998
The Children Act 1998 aims to protect children who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harms. The act has reformed the law relating to children over the last century 1989, and did not come into force until 1991. The act states that the child’s welfare is paramount and that the concept of parental responsibility replaces that of parental rights. The act also promises to safeguard the child and make certain services available for children who are cared for by their parents in order to support the child and their families. This policy has a no order principle and promotes no delay in court when concerning. Children Act 2004

This act ensures that the child must be listened and taken into account. The act also promises closer working partnerships between a variety of agencies with a larger range of services with those who share information included being able to set up databases and files. The act aims to provide strong leadership and accountability and will produced regular reviews by the Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCB) of their services and benefits available to the children. The aim is to integrate and improve children’s services and promote early intervention. Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters was a policy put in place and launched in the UK in 2003 after the death of Victoria Climbè. This policy helped produce the Children Act 2004 and covers children and young adults up to the age of 19, or 24 for those with disabilities. The policy has 5 aims for the child whatever their background or circumstances also known as ‘SHEEP’ to receive the support they need, these are to stay safe, healthy, enjoy and achieve, economic well-being and have positive contributions. P3

Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need 2000
In order to promote a good practice the pyramid of needs must be followed when assessing children in need. There are 3 parts to this framework, these are:
Parenting Capacity: This includes the...

Bibliography: Class Notes 13.1.2014
P Tassoni, Child Care and Education, 4th Edition, Heinemann 2007
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