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Section 1 – Rationale
Section 2- Approaches to planning
Practitioners always plan what they’re going to do in order to meet childrens needs, to think about how they are going to achieve the particular task, how it’s going to benefit the child, what they are going to learn from it, is it appropriate and what will it’s short term and long term outcomes be. “Planning starts with observing children in order to understand and consider their current interests, development and learning. Contains table, which shows how the principles of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) support pupils' development and learning” ( For practitioners to meet care and learning needs of children they often observe children in different experiences to see what their initial reaction would be this helps them to have a clearer view what the interests and likes of the child(ren) may be also what they may not enjoy and possibly won’t benefit from if this was set as a particular activity for them. As part of the EYFS there is a planning cycle that practitioners may follow in order to help plan out their observation.

When planning it is important for the child’s learning to be more child-led that is centered on the needs and interests of the children in order for them to benefit from this by giving their full attention and in order for them to achieve to their full potential. Short term planning is individual learning plan on each individual child’s learning development done by assessing and observation. Medium term planning is a regular update of each child’s development and what stage they are at seeing what milestone they are reaching and what you can do to plan on helping them to achieve their next one. Effective planning is down to effective observation’s that have been carried out, having effective planning is ensuring that all children are making good...
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