Topics: Domestic violence, Learning, Violence Pages: 4 (1309 words) Published: October 11, 2013

Practice Learning Contract




STUDENT’S SUMMARY OF OWN SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE (strengths, skills and experience that is relevant to your current job role and student status): I have been studying for the last couple of year, counselling safeguarding courses and voluntary work. I am hoping this will all help me with becoming a social worker in the future. I have found the role of volunteering with domestic abuse very interesting and challenging. I feel it is very important to focus on time with the children and draw learning from them. I wanted to begin the foundation degree to adapt my current practice to ensure I am confident in my job role and to make sure the children in our setting get the most out of their experience. One of the strengths I feel I bring to my job is that I feel everything should be done with a purpose. Doing things with no reason feels a waste of time and if we only do things that contribute to making our practice stronger we will become better practitioners. I have been in care myself, I want to give something back and feel that I have the life skills to hopefully help others in need of support I want to eventually become a social worker. I have studied counselling and have attended many courses to do with domestic abuse and safeguarding, and child protection. I am currently working at Plymouth refuge and I am learning new things every day. Mandy my supervisor is very supportive and encourages us onto courses and encourages us to gain as many qualifications as possible. I really enjoy volunteering its rewarding and challenging all at the same time. Its sometimes brings your own personal experiences into the day and you have to learn boundaries and self-disclosure. I have on occasion found it difficult and challenging I am only human after all. I am dealing with some horrendous acts of violence and mental suffering. I do feel I have some experience in that I have been...
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