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Be aware to abusive


Take the right step

Abuse can happen to any individual regardless
of his/her age or service needs

Kinds of Abuse


Physical Abuse
Any abuse involving the use of force

Punching, hitting, slapping or any kind of physical attack Physical attack
Refusal to allow access to toilet facilities
Force feeding
Leaving individuals in wet or soil clothing or bedding as a deliberate act to demonstrate power and strength of the abuser

Sexual Abuse
Include rape and sexual assault or sexual acts to which the adult at risk has not consented, could not consent or was pressured into consenting.

Sexual penetration of any part of the body with a penis, finger or any object.
Touching inappropriate parts of the body or any kind of
sexual contact without the informed agreement of the
Exposure to, or involvement in pornographic or erotic materials and sexual rituals.

Emotional Abuse
Any form of abuse that cause emotional distress to the

Humiliation, putting down, intimidation and isolation
Withdrawing from services or refusing affection
Shouting, swearing
Racial abuse

Financial Abuse

Can be inflicted by professional or informal carers and can take range of forms such as:

Stealing money or property or encouraging others
to do so
Withholding money or refusing access to money

Institutional Abuse
It occurs when the lifestyle of individuals are sacrificed in favour of routines and/or restrictive practices of the home or care setting.

Lack of individual care
Inappropriate confinement or restrictions
No flexibility of bedtimes or walking times
Dirty clothing or bedlinen
misuse of medical procedures

Neglect and abuse are two different things.
Abuse involve a deliberate act and neglect happens when
care is not given and a individual suffers as a result.
There are two kinds of neglect: Neglect by others or Self- neglect.

Lack of personal hygiene
Lack of care about personal appearance
Failure to eat
Unwillingness to accept any support with daily living,
to see people or to go out.

Sometimes it may appear to be self-neglect but, in
fact, it's a choice made by someone who does not
regard personal an domestic cleanliness or hygiene
as priorities.

Neglected by others
When the care needs of the individual are not met.
Ignoring medical or physical care needs
Failure to provide access to health, social care or
educational services
Withholding of the necessities of life such as
medication, adequate nutrition and heating

Be Alert!!!

Finger Marks
Behaviour Changes

Ulcers or
Bruises Pressure sores

“Can be a sign of abuse”

If you see something happen or
hear about something that could
be abuse
if someone tells you that something
has happened or is happening to
him/her that could be

report to manager

record the facts in appropriate paperwork
(What happened, with who, whether this links to
anything previously noticed)

Discuss with colleagues

Listen and do not judge

Record and report the facts immediately.
Do not tamper with evidences.

The different agencies and professionals who are involved in safeguarding individuals has the role of:
Identification of those at risk
Setting up an inter-agency framework
Recruitment, training and other staff and management issues
Stablish procedures to responding...
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