Safe Sex and People

Topics: HIV, AIDS, Safe sex Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Ashleigh E. Smith

20 September 2011

Invective/Encomium Exercise

Each of us throughout our lives encounter or discover a person who exhibits that he/she is an excellent person. They are superior to those we consider normal people. They show that they above most and will bend over backwards if they must. They are the people who'll "take the bullet" or "give the shirt off their back" and will not bat an eye. Throughout my nineteen years of life, I've met many people. Though many are great, I cannot praise someone more that Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Magic, whom I never met, but wish I did, has shown that he is and will be an amazing person for years to come. In 1991, Magic found out that he had gotten the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS. People thought that his life was over and he would become ostracized by society.Magic acquired this virus by having unprotected sex. He was known for having multiple partners without the use of a contraceptive. So when he announced his retirement from the NBA in 1991 because of this, he knew he had to do something about this disease. It was to protect and warn of this virus. So he inquired about supporting HIV and AIDS research. In 1992, Magic became a member of the National AIDS Awareness Group. Through this, he expressed how he made bad decisions, and how those bad decisions can effect you through life(AEGIS). Magic Johnson spoke to almost 1,000 students at Cardozo High School in Washington D.C in 1991. Magic challenged the students to put as much energy into their academic work as into sports, and to save sex until after marriage. Johnson now brings a strong message to students and young people across the country on sexual responsibility. He told the assembled students at Cardozo High that although some students would not take his advice, he urged them: "You shouldn't have it [sex] until you're married." One female student created a stir in the audience when she questioned Johnson why he...
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