Safe Sex

Topics: Condom, AIDS, HIV Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: April 20, 2002
Proper Prophylactic Prevention

12%-21% of all condom use results in a failure ( This astounding number is very serious and needs to be lowered; the only way to lower these statistics is by proper use. The male condom more commonly known as a rubber has a failure rate of 12% as the female condom has a drastically higher rate of failure at 21%. The failure rate is based on a year of sex, (if the rate is 12/100 it means that 12 out of 100 couples has the contraceptive fail them in that year). In addition to the failure rate of condoms this paper will discuss sexually transmitted diseases, the proper way to use a condom and explain differences between male and female condoms.

There are dozens of sexually transmitted diseases some of the most common include herpes, AIDS and gonorrhea. AIDS is one of the deadliest plagues known to man; this epidemic became a big problem in the early 80's. AIDS is an onset of the virus HIV. There are also other viruses transmitted sexually; a very popular virus in the United States is herpes. Herpes is forever; the not so bad news is new treatments help people live comfortably with this condition ( One of the main reasons that sexually transmitted diseases pose such a problem is because of embarrassment. Many sexually active teens develop these diseases, but would rather that their parents not know so they tell no one, spreading the disease to their next partner. When noticing a problem in the genital area one should speak to a doctor immediately. If it is too embarrassing to speak to a parent or an adult, than they could go to the local planned parent-hood clinic. There is also a doctor that comes to Stoner health center at Heidelberg Campus, Mon.-Fri. at 8 a.m. One should never be too embarrassed to consult a doctor; they are there to help.

Although there are many diseases that are sexually transmitted the best protection is a latex condom. There are many benefits of latex condoms one...

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