Safe Practice and Environment

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July 22, 2013


Objectives --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2

Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2

I. Patient and Staff Safety -------------------------------------------------------------- 3-4

II. Maintenance of the Environment of Care ----------------------------------------- 4-5

III. Infection Control ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-6

IV. Equipment and Supplies ------------------------------------------------------------- 6

V. Energy and Waste Management ---------------------------------------------------- 7

Lessons Learned -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

Bibliography ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9

1. Discuss safe practice and environment.
2. Enumerate the standards and criteria of safe practice and environment. 3. Explain the standards and criteria safe practice and environment.

Maintaining a safe environment reflects a level of compassion and vigilance for patient welfare that is as important as any other aspect of competent health care. The way to improve safety is to learn about causes of error and use this knowledge to design systems of care to make errors less common and less harmful when they do occur. As a result, nurses and other health care providers have intensified their efforts to understand and change organizational conditions, components, and processes of health care systems as they relate to patient safety. There are key elements in the workplace that strengthen and support the workforce and, in turn, have a positive impact on patient outcomes and organizational cost effectiveness. These factors, when in place and supported by appropriate resources (both financial and human), go a long way in ensuring the establishment and maintenance of an effective health care professional workforce and, ultimately, the overall quality of health systems. Establishing positive practice environments across health sectors worldwide is of paramount importance if patient safety and health workers’ wellbeing are to be guaranteed. All health sector stakeholders, be they employer or employee, private or public, governmental or non-governmental, have their respective and specific roles and responsibilities to foster a positive practice environment. They must work in concert if quality workplaces for quality care is to be achieved.

Safe Practice and Environment
I. Patient and Staff Safety  
Goal: Patients, staff and other individuals within the organization are provided a safe, functional and effective environment of care. | Standards
a. The organization plans a safe and effective environment of care consistent with its mission, services, and with laws and regulations. Criteria:
- The organizational environment complies with structural standards and safety codes as prescribed by law. - There are management plans which address safety, security, disposal and control of hazardous materials and biological wastes, emergency and disaster preparedness, fire safety, radiation safety and utility systems. - There are management plans for the safe and efficient use of medical equipment according to specifications. |

The organization maintains current licenses and permits that ensure safe and effective operations. Such permits include, but are not limited to, occupancy, electrical, plumbing, radiation safety, fire safety, occupational safety, food storage and handling and waste disposal.

b. The organization provides a safe and...
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