Safe Dance

Topics: Foot, Sprung floor, Human anatomy Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: February 23, 2009
Safe Dance Practice
Safe dance practice is the of selecting and executing safe movements around the area of where you’re dancing, it focuses on safe movement, providing dance movements and exercises which allow students to take part without injuring themselves. For students to know the right ways of understanding the safe dance practice principle is its control and the knowledge of the nature’s body movement aid.

The purpose of a good warm up should start with getting your heart And lungs working, some examples of safe dance are warming up the most common warm ups are passive stretches and the skipping rope or a brisk walk or run which should get your heat rate high. Starting your warm up with several deep breaths by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, you can perform a slower walk or jog for a few minutes or so. You can also do several minutes of light dance movements to condition your body. Here some examples to Neck: Turn head side to side, up and down, tilt side to side; roll head in circles to right and left Shoulders: Lift shoulders to ears, let drop; roll shoulders forward and back Lower back: Sit with soles of feet together, knees to sides; gently lower head over feet while letting breathe out; hold for several seconds. Hip joint: Sit with soles of feet together, knees to sides; gently bounce knees up and down while standing, lift knee several times to front; swing leg to front and back Hamstring (back of thigh): Sit with legs straight in front of you, lower head over knees while breathing out, hold for several seconds; lie on the floor face-up, bring one knee to chest, straighten leg to ceiling, pull to chest, hold for several seconds Warm ups reduce the risk or injury and increases your ability to learn/

Cool Down:


Good Floors:
The sprung floor is the most effective dance floor to use when dancing because it absorbs shock and gives you a softer feel, it enhances performance and reduce the risks of...
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