Topics: Stimulant, Depressant, Depression Pages: 4 (986 words) Published: July 15, 2006
I happened to talk to one of my friends in the mess regarding sadness. These are his words. " dukhi hone ka bhi apna alag hi mazaa hai. Khushi to ek phuljhadi ki tarah hoti hai jo thodi der main khatam ho jaati hai, par dukh ek agarbatti ki tarah bahut der tak chalta hai" (happiness lasts for a very short time but sadness lasts for a very long time).

A line from Eric Erikson's theory of eight stages of man. " Teething seems to have a prototypal significance and may well be the model for the masochistic tendency to assure cruel comfort by enjoying one's hurt whenever one is unable to prevent a significant loss".

This is what I meant when I said that "people love being Sad "

Below is the explanation of my statement. This explanation is a given by one of my friends in Pune.

One has to understand that brain is a set of chemicals and sparks, nothing else. Love and sadness are just chemicals that get released as stimulants or depressants, which we classify as emotions.

Memory: a neural pathway through which charge flows without effort.

Habit: a neural pathway through which charge flows a few times, it gets strengthened, and then whenever charge flows in the brain, it prefers these circuits. That is why it is difficult to break a habit. It requires a lot of will to build up a new circuit connection. Old habits die hard coz our brain electricity sometimes still takes the old path.

Love: a habit of looking at something or someone, in which a stimulant gets released in the brain when one encounters a habit. (This is the case when one sees a pretty girl, he feels happy, and tries to see her again and again; it is just his mind that is rewarding him with a dope.)

When this dope ends, love ends.

So one can understand why old crushes die hard. Same pathway again, same dopes again. I don't know whether its a depressant or a stimulant, but I suspect that it is a stimulant.
Sadness: a habit that (I have no basis for this, but I hope it...
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