Saddam vs. Stalin

Topics: Soviet Union, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: December 14, 2005
Ethan Listenberger
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Saddam vs. Stalin
Since the beginning of the world, there has been an ongoing cycle of tyrannical leaders that have ruled their lands with an evil hand. Since the beginning of the twentieth century we have seen perhaps the deadliest dictators of them all. Stalin's regime in the 1930's and 1940's in the Soviet Union and Saddam's regime in the present day Iraq share an exceptionally strong similarity.

In order to understand the similarities between Stalin and Saddam, we must go back to the childhoods of the two men. Stalin grew up in poverty with only his Mother to raise him. Saddam Hussein grew up in Al Awja which was a small village near Tikrit. Just like Stalin, Saddam was born into poverty. His family could not afford to eat, so he stole the food in order to feed his family.

An important similarity between Stalin and Saddam was how they both started out politically under the wing of dictator -like leaders. For many years Stalin was the right hand man of Lenin. He was the Father of Stalin's strong communist regime. Towards the end of his career, Lenin became very untrusting of Stalin's ambitions to be the next leader of the Soviet Union. In an almost identical situation, Saddam Hussein worked directly under the leader of Iraq in the 1950's, named Gen. Ahmed Hassan Bakr. At the end of Gen. Bakr's rule, he became very suspicious of Saddam and attempted get rid of him. By this time it was too late and Saddam had taken control of the country.

The main reason for the similarities between Stalin and Saddam is due to the fact that Saddam Hussein is one of the largest supporters of the Stalin regime. It has been said that Saddam idolizes Stalin. Saddam has widely studied everything about Stalin and Stalinism. He has entire library devoted purely to Stalin.

During the 1960's Saddam Hussein was exiled to Egypt. It was there that he became infatuated with Stalin. Once Saddam came...
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