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TO: Dr. Amy Hanson
FROM: Sam Miser
DATE: November 11, 2013
SUBJECT: Progress Report


I am writing a proposal to Cavanaugh’s aviation collection department to persuade them to acquire a Ford Trimotor for their museum. Cavanaugh Flight Museum is a non-profit aviation museum located in Addison, Texas. Their mission is to promote American aviation heritage, education, and research. Cavanaugh also provides aircraft restoration, maintains and displays historically-significant vintage aircraft, and gives rides in those aircraft.

The information I plan on presenting in my proposal include: •The locating of an available Ford Trimotor.
The airplane’s condition to determine restoration costs. •The aircraft’s specifications to determine cost of operating. •Upkeep costs for the airplane, as determined by an aircraft mechanic. •A break-even analysis to determine revenue brought in by the aircraft.

Completed Tasks

So far I have located an available Ford Trimotor, researched the aircraft’s condition to determine the cost of restoration, and found the specifications of Ford Trimotors to determine operating costs. Factors that I took into consideration when selecting which plane to choose were: •The availability of the plane.

The condition of the plane.
The historical significance of that particular Ford Trimotor.

The Trimotor I suggest to buy is located in Minnesota. It is a museum quality plane that will see no downtime for restoration, which means it will start to make money as soon as it is acquired. It has been completely restored from the ground up. The plane only has twenty hours on it since the restoration which included: •R-985 Engine Upgrade.

New MT Props built to the original Hamilton specs.
Becker AR-4200 Radio.
Becker Mode c Transponder.
Jasco Alternators.
Air Wolf Oil Filters.
Hooker Harness.

The restoration will increase the asking...
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