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I think kellogs is a very health concious group because they are the world's leading producers of cereal, kelloggs has been a leader in health and nutrition through providing consumers with a wide variety of food products.this research informs about business, the things consumers read, how best to design products to answer those products to consumer. Kelloggs is the who launch crunchy nut cornflakes in the UK , they also have a big sales value. They created a brand extension year 2003 crunchy nut mean to launch a new product called crunch nut clusters. The variant has two varieties , milk chocolate curls and honey and nut. During there development and launch crunchy nut bites more recent extension to a crunchy nut brand. There objective is to provide a new flavor and texture for consumers helping kelloggs extend its share of the breakfast cereal market. Kelloggs is market oriented this means the whole organization focuses on the needs of it consumer. Product oriented and market oriented is different because product oriented speaking market for a product. And market oriented builds a business around the needs of the consumer. Identifying customers may help kelloggs to plan ahead. Kelloggs always looking for ways to strengthen it's own portfolio. A product extention is a less risky way of increasing market share by providing consumer products with new features under an existing brand. New product extensions give more choice to consumers and help them to feel more favorably about the existing brand. Kelloggs commission primary reasearch because these reseach gather's first hand to answers questions that are specific to the project. Although primary research is often time consuming and expensive it is considered as a reliable source of information because it is directly from the consumer and it is specifically design to meet the objective of a project. There are a number of different ways of collecting primary data. Sometimes agencies are employed to...
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