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Payroll Management System
Project Proposal

To: Pierre Curran Marketing Incorporated
From: RLKJJ Premium Software Providers
Kristine Dianne K. Maturingan
Rose Ann B. Lee
Jonathan B. Salvacion
Judy Lee B. Valderas
Johne Nicoe B. de Jesus

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Project Proposal

To:Pierre Curran Marketing Incorporated

From: Kristine Dianne K. Maturingan, Rose Ann B. Lee, Jonathan B. Salvacion, Judy Lee B. Valderas, and Johne Nicoe B. De Jesus
RLKJJ Premium Software Providers

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Today, computer technology is at a very fast phase. Many business sectors are becoming more and more competitive by trying to make them exposed to such by upgrading their own computer systems. The use of software has become a very important aspect for a company. It changed, though not totally, the manual ways of managing their company data. It made a huge impact, especially in a company’s accounting department. The use of software has made accurate computations on the monthly payroll. It offered an easy way of putting input in the database by having all the data needed like the employees’ names, working hours, and wages. It is easy to use, effective, and efficient in organizing and computing the company’s payroll. The proposed Payroll Management System aims to be of a great help to a company’s management.

The factors that the researchers considered before the application of the payroll system were the availability of the material, the ability and skill of the developers, and the company where the system will be implemented.

This study aims to provide a company a new payroll system that would have a great effect on its own management. The researchers seek and wanted to know the difference between the previous system, which is a manual system, and the new system, once it has been applied.


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