Sad Inventory System (Gilmore Wines and Spirits)

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I. Introduction

This study shall focus on how to improve the system of records for the inventory and sales of the company. This may help in creating a better system to avoid mistakes in recording data that may contribute to loss of income. The study shall provide us an opportunity to experience on how to handle similar problems and to create a solution for future companies.

Gilmore Wines and Spirits, was founded by Messrs. Magnus Villafuerte and Marcus Morales. The business started about 3 years ago in the present location which serves as a showroom. Initially, they were only selling wines but through a program in De La Salle University, they were able to get funds and expand the business which now includes a wide variety of beer. In the first few weeks of operation, income was low since costumers are only limited. Very few knew that it was a liquor store and already open for business.

It is their goal to deliver a wide variety of beer in the Philippines since the local market in ruled by San Miguel which produces limited variety. It is their passion for beer that is driving them to push on and proceed to share their knowledge about unique beers from around the world.








Figure 1: Organizational Chart

The two heads, Messrs. Villafuerte and Morales, share the 6 employees. The employees have no specific position since the heads believe in equal distribution of responsibilities among employees. Each employee is authorized to do any task that is available, e.g., as a cashier or updating the records of the inventory.

The problem of their business is the recoding of sales and inventory. They are currently using manual labor in recoding product transactions and in listing stocks that c are delivered in the store. The business is in a small location, hence, they want everything organized for easy access to records.

Six months ago, the company decided to have an automated system to address the problem. They wanted that the records are systematically organized through a database. They have already bought a scanning device to be facilitating faster and easier recording of transactions. However, due to lack of applicable program, the device is not yet operational.

As IT students, one of the things that we have learned is to assess problems and create logical solutions. We chose this area of study since it is important for every company to have an efficient method of keeping records. This study will give us an opportunity to apply and put into practice what we have learned. Our goal is to create system that will improve the performance and productivity of the company.

II. Objectives of the Study

General Objective
The main objective of the study is to design and develop sales and inventory system for Gilmore Wines and Spirits. This will cover the transaction in the cashier and the recording of supplies in the inventory system.

Specific Objectives

Specifically, it attempts to satisfy the following objectives:

a. To design sales and inventory system for Gilmore Wines and Spirits using DFD and ERD tools. b. To develop a program applicable using the scanning device. c. Create a base program with interfaces using VB.NET

d. Have a database of records using MS SQL Server.
e. To create an organized recording system.
Problems encountered by Gilmore Wines and Spirits:
i. Hand-written records
ii. Missing transaction
iii. Loss of Inventory Records
iv. Unorganized files of past records
v. Non-compatible software for scanning device

III. Scope and Limitations

The general purpose of this study is to provide an organized system of records both for sales and inventory. A detailed description about the current...
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