sad chapter 3

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3.0 Data Gathering Procedures and Outputs
The success or failure of any research studies depends on how much data have been gathered, analyzed and implemented by the researchers. Data Gathering is used to know about the system under study. The proponents need to conduct a data gathering for varied reason; it is used to improve the store’s billing and customer information system; and to produce an output that has value to its user that must be in line with the expectations of the intended user.

The proponents made use of the interviews and conduct a wide research using the internet.  Interview
The proponents conduct interview questions to ensure that all necessary details pertaining to the system are gathered, learned and analyzed. Interviews are performed by using survey forms and open interviews were notes are taken while talking with the respondents. Making direct measurements is the most accurate method for many variables.  Internet Research

To gather more information, the proponents used the web for extensive research. It must be organized to ensure that nothing is overlooked and all system details are eventually captured.  Observation

As part of the data gathering activities and development of the proposed system; the proponents observed some people in the mall, specifically on cellshoppe stores. By observing those people the proponents can gain more information on how important to improve the billing and customer information system. Preferably, observers only collect data, not carry out other activities. The proponents used their visual and hearing skills, likewise alertness and attentiveness.


1.1Background of the Study
Cellshoppe was founded in year 2000. The founder intended to build the business because he wants to provide products for the people who wants to buy cell phones, laptops, camera and etc.The planned business was built in Nepo Mall Angeles City, located in the third floor of the mall. Fortunately, the business became successful because many people buy their products. When the business became popular, the founder decided to build some branches of it. In the year 2004, they built another Cellshoppe in JenraMallAngelesCity, located also in the third floor of the mall. The business never stopped to attained success because nowadays, technology became more important to us. The business became more successful when they built the third branch of Cellshoppe, it was built in SM Clark located in the second floor of the mall. With the new branches, good products and services, the customers started to increase and continue buying their products. Cellshoppe then, decided to enlarge the service and make it into a computerized system. The researchers and software engineers developed and create a new and fast -quality service system for the Customers will have a reliable total bill and complete information of the business 1.2Statement of the Problem

The Students of Information Technology would like to develop a Billing and Customer Information system to address the following problems: How will the system (Billing System) improve the computation of bills of the customer? As we all know there are many types of calculating the bill of a customer. The system that was currently used in Cellshoppe was manual.By means of using the computerized billing system, calculating the bills of the customers will be accurate and the transaction will be faster than the current manual billing system. H ow will the system (Customer Information Sytem) improve the collecting of information from the customer? Collecting information from a customer is easy, but saving the gathered data from the customer is the one complicated. By means of using the Customer Information System, searching of the data from the past records will be easier, because every gathered information from them will be directly saved in the database of...
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