Sacred Groves and Stewardship

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India is a land of varied cultures, religions and people. Unity in diversity is the mantra of the land. Among all these diversifications is found an impressive population of tribal people. These tribal people are believed to be the true inhabitants of India. Almost all the states in India have significant presence of tribal people who constitute impressive portion of the population of the state. The tribal people in India have their own cultures and traditions which are in true agreement with the Indian civilizations and cultures. Population of the tribes in India

The population of the tribal people in India crosses 20 million. Each tribe is distinguished from another. The tribal people in India are different not only in terms of physical appearance but also in terms of their cultural identity. The large variety of tribal clans is found in the North East regions of India. States like Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh have deep concentration of tribal people. Tribal Cultures in North East

Each of the tribes found in the North East regions of the country are marked for their unique and distinguished cultures. They have their own rituals, beliefs, festivals, dances, songs and ways of living. But one thing which is common in all the tribal people is that their cultures display a lot of power, joy, vibrancy and enthusiasm. Their festivals are specifically marked for their hospitality and a strong bond of love for each other. Tribal cultures in Orissa

Orissa is one of the Indian states which have impressive number of tribal clans. The tribal culture in Orissa has adapted itself to many of the Hindu traditions prevalent in the region. The true colors of the tribal cultures in Orissa can be seen on occasions like birth, death, marriage and festivals. They make the occasion vibrant with their unique performance of dance and music. Introduction: India has traditionally been the home of different cultures and people. Unity in diversity is one of the most prominent features in the people of India. Among the diversified population a significant portion is comprised of the tribal people, the original inhabitants' of the land. The tribal culture of India and their traditions and practices pervade almost all of the aspects of Indian culture and civilization. The different tribes in India: In India one can find almost a new dialect, culture, and different people after moving 50 kms in any direction. Likewise the tribal population is also very much varied and diversified. The present tribal population of India is approximately 20 million all together. The tribes each one of them is a distinctive community either migrated from another place or the original inhabitants of the land. These different tribes still inhibits the different parts especially the seven states of the North Eastern part, and almost each and every corner of the land. The distinctiveness of the tribes lies their rituals, cultures, beliefs and above all the harmony in which they survive in unison with nature. Their living perfectly depicts a well balanced give and take procedure that in no way disrupts the ecological balance. Tribal Cultures of India:

One has to love tribal culture in India to understand the uniqueness of their culture. Warm hospitality, simple ways of living and sincere judgment of the opinions are some of the traits that mark the tribal cultures of India. Their custom depicts their belief in simplicity. Most of the tribes in India have their own gods and goddesses that reflects the dependence of Tribal people on nature. Except for the few most of the tribes in India is sociable, hospitable, and fun loving along with strong community bonds. Some of the tribes shares patriarchal cultural ties and some of the tribal societies are women oriented. They have their own festivals and celebrations. The tribal people are clinging to their identity despite of the external influences that threatened the tribal culture...
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