Sacred Elements of Hindu Religion

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Sacred Elements 1

Sacred Elements of are of many various belief elements, that one can only consider sacred within their own traditional followings. While Hinduism is the third largest religion, majority of the devotees have the same beliefs and practices. One of The Sacred Elements is Water. Water is considered sacred because its’ considered to be equal half of all creation. Washing in water is essential to approach deities in a clean manner, body, and clothes. Water in the Hindu religion is considered to be so sacred that they believe washing in the sacred river (Ganges) will remove their sins. Hinduism has numerous gods in which they worship; approximately 330 million. In addition, there is the element of Fire which is considered sacred. Fire represents the burning brightness of the divine (Fisher, 2002, p.85, parg.1).In Hinduism fire sacrifices’ are a traditional and sacred ritual. In which they give offerings to the fire God Agni. Offerings consist of grains, soma, and sometimes animals. In Hinduism there is also have a sacred element, which is a cow. In Hinduism, the cow (Sanskrit: go) is revered as the source of food and symbol of life and may never be killed. Hindus do not worship the cow, however, and cows do not have especially charmed lives in India. It is more accurate to say the cow is

Sacred Elements 2

taboo in Hinduism, rather than sacred (Anonymous, 2007). The cow also provides the essentials for sacrificial offerings. The Hindu religion has many forms of worship (Puja), some worship in the home some worship in temples. Worshiping in the home with statues and pictures, the Orthodox families of Hinduism do it. Orthodox families stand by an historical for of the religion. Pujaris or Brahmin priests who trained in proper Vedic recitation (Fisher, 2002, p.111, parg.4) do Temple worshiping. In the Hindu religion, there many deities in which...

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