Sacramento State

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Sacramento State
For the college fair, my group received Cal State Sacramento. In my group I was student number one. Student number one was to work on what location, size, and environment. I learned that Sacramento State is approximately 7 hours and 32 minutes away from Perris and is almost 453 miles. While working on my category I found out that Sacramento State is located in the capital of California which is Sacramento. Sacramento State has about 24,136 undergraduate students attending. The total of women that attend are 13,825 and they make up 57% of the campus. The overall number of men that attend is around 10,311 making up 43% of the campus. The ethnic breakdown consists of about 43% American, 20% Asian/Pacific, 16% Latino, 7% African American 2% Foreign, 1% American Indian, and 11% make up others. They have a 300-acre campus and a landscaping of 3,000 tress. There are so many interesting facts that I learned about Sacramento State. There are some really nice near by attractions. For example the waterpark Raging Waters as well as the Sacramento Zoo are two near by attractions. Their mascots name is Herky the Hornet and is 60 years old, and there school colors are Green and gold. Some other interesting facts are that the school was founded in 1947. Some of the majors are criminal justice, social sciences, economics, environmental studies, nursing, as well as engineering. The tuition for the people living in California is about $6,573 and out of state is approximately $17,733. In conclusion Sacramento State might have some bad things about but for the most part it’s a pretty good school.
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