Sacks Sentence Completion Test

Topics: Family, Interpersonal relationship, Prime number Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: August 29, 2012
Below are 60 incomplete sentences. Read each one and finish it by writing the FIRST THING that comes to your mind. Work as quickly as you can. Do not spend too much time on each item. If you cannot complete an item outright, encircle the number and return to it later. 1. I feel that my father seldom

2.When the odds are against me
3.I always wanted to
4.If I were in charge
5.To me the future looks
6.The men over me
7.I know it is silly but I am afraid of
8.I feel that a real friend
9.When I was a child
10.My idea of a perfect man/woman
11.When I see a man and woman together
12.Compared with most families, mine
13.At work, I get along best with
14.My mother
15.I would do anything to forget the time I
16.If my father would only
17.I believe that I have the ability to
18.I could be perfectly happy if
19.If people work for me
20.I look forward to
21.In school, my teachers
22.Most of my friends don’t know that I am afraid of
23.I don’t like people who
24.Before the war, I (OMIT)
25.I think most girls/boys
26.My feeling about married life is
27.My family treats me like
28.Those I work with are
29.My mother and I
30.My greatest mistake was
31.I wish my father
32.My greatest weakness was
33.My secret ambition in life
34.The people who work for me
35.Someday I
36.When I see the boss coming
37.I wish I could lose the fear of
38.The people I like best
39.If I were young again
40.I believe most women/men
41.If I had sex relations
42.Most families I know
43.I like working with people who
44.I think that most mothers
45.When I was younger, I felt guilty about
46.I feel that my father is
47.When luck turns against me
48.In giving orders to others I
49.What I want most out of life
50.When I am older
51.People whom I consider my superiors
52.My fears sometimes force me to
53.When I’m not around, my friends
54.My most vivid childhood memory...
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