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The short story “Saboteur” which was written by Ha Jin is a very interesting and unique story. After performing a close analysis, one will find, through the description of the characters and the tone, that Ha Jin tells the story of anger and revenge. This type of behavior took place within the most unlikely characters.

Mr. Chiu was what many would consider a very intelligent person. He taught as a professor at a university. Mr. Chiu claims to be a “scholar, a philosopher and an expert in dialectical materialism” (181). In the beginning of the story, he is portrayed as a reasonable man. In the beginning, he is having a nice lunch with his new wife, however in the end, revenge and anger took over his emotions and caused him to do things out of the ordinary for someone like him. Mr. Chiu had acute hepatitis, which is a very contagious, often fatal, disease. Over the course of time, his anger and bitterness caused him to spread the disease to over 800 people, six of which were killed from his disease.

Mr. Chiu’s wife is only written about in the very beginning of the story. Mrs. Chiu seems to be a fragile character-someone who probably does not think her husband is capable of such horrendous acts. The narrator refers to her “pale”(4) face and glasses which some may perceive as a sign of fragility. At this point in the story, Mr. Chiu appears to be weak with his deteriorating liver and “thin jaw.”

Fengin is an important character, because the story shows what everybody perceived Mr. Chui as, and Fengin agreed that he was a very respected and intelligent man. Fengin is an ex-student of Mr. Chiu’s from the university where he taught. He was also an attorney. When Mr. Chiu was arrested and taken away, he told his wife to call someone if he did not come home the following day. When he did not arrive home, his wife called Fengin hoping he would be able to help. She chose him because Fengin thought very highly of Mr. Chiu and respected him...
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