Topics: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Final examination, Multiple choice Pages: 1 (439 words) Published: January 18, 2014
Santana Morrison
Coming into Winston Salem State I was going to major in Accounting, until I took Principles of Financial Management my first semester here. I did really well in the class, but it came down to me having to pass the final exam in order to pass the class. The exams giving throughout the year were mainly short answer and a few multiple choice questions, but the final exam was all multiple choice. I made a B on the final, which was the highest grade I made out of all the exams. I didn’t like that and the fact that the professor told us that if we made a C in the course we shouldn’t go on to accounting two. I did let it discourage me and somewhat had an effect on changing my major, but I should have not let that change my mind. In another course we had quizzes every Thursday, I missed two quizzes (due to surgery and illness) and it brought me from a high C to a D. The professor always told me to email him even when I had questions for the final exam and asked if I could meet with him to go over the study guide. When I took the exam I couldn’t answer many questions because I felt like I didn’t have extra help and even tutors here on campus couldn’t help me, but that’s another issue. I feel that the curriculum for business maybe a little challenging at times. Also, professors should always encourage their students and help them when they need help, but not by email. I decided to pick up the Human Resource Concentration last spring and so far I like the HR program. I do like the fact that the professor’s help you become professional by correcting your emails and allowing us to dress professionally on Wednesdays. I also like the conferences and programs that are set up to help us get internships and prepare us for the real world. This semester I feel that it will be a lot better because I have professors that will push, challenge me and still help and guide me every step of the way. I like to learn, especially learning new things and I like...
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