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Instructor:Kenneth Gattung
Office:BL 1110, SLW 3185
( BL is the Chemistry Laboratory Annex – located in University Park– see map posted on link above this syllabus) (SLW is the new science building) Phone:618-650-5356

Office Hours:By Appointment

Lecture Times: MTR, 6:00–7:15 PM, SL 3114

Prerequisites: (1) High school chemistry (or successful completion of CHEM 113) and (2) successful placement based on the ACT Math Score OR successful placement by the Chemistry Readiness Exam OR successful completion of Chem113 and MATH 120 or higher MATH course. Concurrent enrollment in CHEM 125a required.

Note: A grade of C or better is required to proceed to CHEM 121b.

Course Description:
Chem 121a is a university-level modern chemistry course for students of all sciences. Topics include matter and measurement; atoms, molecules, and ions; formulas, equations, and moles; reactions in aqueous solution, periodicity and atomic structure, ionic bonds and some main-group chemistry; covalent bonds and molecular structure; thermochemistry; gases; liquids, solids, and phase changes. Four lecture hours per week.

Course Objectives:
1)Develop knowledge and skills necessary to progress to more advanced science classes.
2)Develop problem-solving skills that are important for all scientists.
3)Develop an understanding of and an appreciation for the connections of chemistry with other disciplines and with everyday experiences.
4)Build confidence in doing and learning chemistry.

Tro, Nivaldo J. Chemistry: A Molecular Approach; 3rd ed; Pearson: Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2014. ISBN 13:978-0-321-80924-7. Available at Textbook Rental.

Grading: The overall course grade will be calculated as follows:
Exams (Four)68% (17% each)
Final Exam17%
Assignments and Quizzes15%

A = 85+%; B = 84 – 75%, C = 74 – 65%, D = 64 – 55%

Exam 1Monday, September 16Chapters 1–3
Exam 2Thursday, October 10Chapters 4–5
Exam 3Tuesday, November 5Chapters 6–8
Exam 4Thursday, November 21Chapters 9–11
Final ExamMonday, December 9, 6:30 pmChapters 1–11 (comprehensive)

Hour exams will be given during the lecture hours and will include conceptual questions from lectures, reading assignments, and problems similar to those assigned.

Regular quizzes will also be administered through the BLACKBOARD interface, with occasional unannounced quizzes given during class time. Students will not be allowed to make-up missed quizzes, but the lowest two quiz scores will be dropped.

Other BLACKBOARD Features:

The BLACKBOARD site also gives students access to course materials provided by the textbook publisher, a calendar of course events and the ability to make annotations, quiz, assignment, grades, and other functions that the student can explore.

Final Examination:
The final examination will be inclusive of all material covered in the course, and is an American Chemical Society standard multiple-choice exam. The final exam is scheduled for Monday, December 9th from 6:30 to 8:10 PM.

Attendance and Make-Up Policies:

Regular attendance at lecture is required for success in this course. Students who are absent more than three class sessions without an excuse will be dropped from the class. Should you be unable to attend class on an EXAM date due to a foreseeable circumstance (such as athletic competition, court date, etc.) contact your instructor BEFORE THAT CLASS to make alternate arrangements for an exam. Should you miss an Exam due to an emergency, contact your instructor (with some sort of proof of your emergency) the very next class meeting. There will be no make-ups for missed quizzes.

Tutorial Assistance:
The Department of Chemistry offers tutors in room SLW 2040. Check the schedule posted outside of the tutor room for more details.

Late to Class:...
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