SCG Case Study: Determining Industry

Topics: Corporation, Financial crisis, Chakri Dynasty, Management, Bhumibol Adulyadej, Economics / Pages: 5 (1161 words) / Published: Mar 16th, 2016
Determining Industry The company is founded, it must take into consideration factors in many ways. Both sides created good and bad for the company. In the company of SCG, then take this into account as well, SCG Group, a leading company that is geared towards the Asean leaders. And preparation for global competitiveness SCG. The leading company in the region that operates over 100 years, according to the guidelines of sustainable development. Under good corporate governance. Through learning to adapt and develop in all aspects. To overcome crisis And changes to the SCG. Starting from the Royal Decree of His Majesty King Rama VI in 2456 when 6 for cement production. Building materials in the development of the country at that time. Later expanded …show more content…
Economic factors, such as a grilled Swiss international financial crisis affecting the operation of the global. social factors. Each country is different, so the packaging of each country are not the same, resulting in a sound passing waves, because some countries currently differ.
4. SCG Investment SCG Investment care of. investment in the business of SCG, which most companies in this group. A joint venture with leading international brands such as Kubota, Yamato Kogyo, Aisin Takaoka Group, Nippon Steel, Toyota Motor, Michelin, Hayes Lemmerz International, and also take care of business industrial land with Hemaraj Development. obstacles or problems of SCG that. it happens very rarely because it is the parent company of SCG and stability. But there are also problems of external factors to affect the economy, companies such as the economy, the financial world. Which will affect all companies, whether big or small, global political coup in the past. Causing a huge impact on the company because the company SCG, SCG is one of Thailand's genuine. As a result, the view of foreigners. Thailand is unlikely that the Company's joint venture or a joint stock company with the causes affecting the

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