S7 Syllabus

Topics: Global Positioning System, Satellite, GPS Pages: 3 (631 words) Published: September 4, 2011

Module 1 (12 hours)
Crystal growth and wafer preparation: - Diffusion of impurities - Flick’s I and II law of diffusion-Ion implantation.Oxidation - deal-grove method Optical lithography - Modulation transfer function. Photo resists - types. Chemicalvapor deposition (CVD) - Epitaxial growth. Etching - wet plasma & ion etching. Contacts & Metallization: - Schottkycontacts & Implanted ohmic contacts.

Module 2 (12 hours)
MOS transistor: - Depletion & Enhancement types - Threshold voltage-NMOS inverter - various pull-ups - CMOS &BiCMOS inverter.Introduction to IC technology: - Bipolar technology - Early bipolar & advanced bipolar processes. MOS technology: -NMOS, PMOS, CMOS, BiCMOS technologies, n well, p well, twin tub process. Hot carrier effects in BJT & CMOS-Latch up in CMOS

Module 3 (15 hours)
VLSI design fundamentals :- MOS layers-Stick diagrams - NMOS& CMOS design styles - Layouts – lambda baseddesign rules - 2 micro meter design rules - Diagrams for NMOS & CMOS inverters & gates - Simple CombinationalLogic Design (half & full adders, multiplexers ).

Module 4 (13 hours)
Device isolation: - Junction & oxide isolation – LOCOS, SILO,SWAMI process - Trench isolation - Silicon oninsulator isolation.Introduction to nanotransistors – Energy level diagram- Fermi function- ohms law in nanometer scaled devices-electronand spin transport- current in a one level model- potential profile-ballistic nanotransistors – nanotransistors withscattering.


Module I (13 hours)
Introduction- Introduction to TE & TM Modes, Dominant Modes - Resonators - Rectangular and Circular wave guideresonators. Klystrons - Re-entrant cavities, Velocity modulation, Bunching (including analysis), Output power and beamloading, Reflex Klystron, , Admittance. Traveling wave tubes – Slow wave structures, Helix TWT, Amplification process,Convection current, Axial electric field, Wave modes, Gain consideration. Magnetron...
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