Ryan North's Adaptation Of Hamlet
Topics: Hamlet, Kate Winslet, Theatre, Tragedy, Comedy, Drama / Pages: 4 (875 words) / Published: Dec 8th, 2016

The novel “To Be OR Not to Be” is an adaptation of Hamlet that was written by Ryan North which was published in June 2013. The book has 740 pages including more than 100 scenes illustrated with pictures. The novel offers the audience the opportunity to read the play from multiple perspectives; the reader can play the story as Hamlet, Ophelia or King of Denmark. Based on the reader decisions throughout the book, the play develops new paths for the reader to follow the story which allows them to explore 110 different endings. Comedy is not the usual theme in Shakespeare’s work. Though, in North’s adaptation of Hamlet, there is a different approach to the play which is the comedy within the text. North revisions Hamlet in a way that he gives audience the chance to reinvent the play depending on what the audience wants to choose from the options the …show more content…
In the scene, when Hamlet kills Polonius, North describes the event: “Listen I ‘ve got to go. I kinda kill Polonius by accident” (Hamlet,43). When Claudius offers a drink to Hamlet, Hamlet says: “Why? Did you poison it?” and Claudius responds: “What? How did you know?” (North, 92). From the beginning of the book, North is making fun of the tragedy that is happening throughout the play, his narrating is designed to free the audience from the dramatic approach done by Shakespeare. Furthermore, North also tests the reader’s level of morality and understanding of various concepts such as revenge, loyalty, betrayal and justice. Because his book is “choose your own adventure book”, the reader makes choices regarding to the path they want to follow in the play. North presents the options to see which one does sound more integrating for people to pursue. Sometimes he speaks to the reader about the decision they just made and questions their manner little

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