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In The Closet
Yang walked down the empty hall of Beacon Academy to the library when she saw someone who looked lost in her book. "Blake?" she asked.
"What?" she replied coldly, due to being interrupted while reading her book. "Are you lost?"
"Then why does it look like you are wandering around the hall and pretending to read your book." "I'm not wondering or pretending."
Yang walked up to Blake and saw a small cut on her arm that was endlessly bleeding. Yang gasped and said, "Blake! How did you get hurt?!" she pointed at the cut. "None of your business okay?" she replied again in a cold way," Just.. leave me alone." Yang looked hurt but tried not to show it. "All right." she said about to walk away. However, Cardin came out of nowhere and knocked Blake and Yang into a closet that they were standing in front of and locked the door. "Ha-ha!" Cardin said laughing while walking away. "This should be interesting." "What the hell?! What's going on?!" Blake shouted, realizing what happened. "Cardin pushed us and locked us in the closet!" Yang growled out, her eyes suddenly red in anger. "When we get out of this closet Cardin, we will beat your ass!" *It was small, dark, and crowed with supplies. The closet would probably be only big enough for one person to fit, but now Blake and Yang were stuck in it. Then Blake started banging on the door, trying to get somebody's attention and Yang looking for the light switch.* Ruby, Lei Ren, Nora, Phyrra, and Weiss were walking in the hall where the closet was and heard Blake banging on it. "What's that noise?" Ruby asked as she walked over to the closet. "Blake, is that you kitten?" Weiss asked.

"Yes it's me! And don't call me kitten! I'm no one's kitten!" Blake replied seriously, "We're locked in!" "We?" Lei Ren asked.
"Yang and I are locked in!" she replied. "Let us out!"
"Yang's in there?" Ruby shouted panicking, "Are you hurt Yang? You both need to get out of there!" "We can't! And we're fine lil sis!" Yang...
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