Rwanda Genocide Research Paper

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, Hutu Pages: 3 (1532 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Rwanda Genocide
Throughout modern history there have been numerous attempts to kill and control specific targeted populations for various political, social, economic, and cultural reasons. This is known as modern day genocide. Although many may have suffered at the hands of these more powerful, wealthy genocides. Few small, isolated countries like Rwanda were nearly eradiated through intentional and government sponsored genocides. In 1994 Rwanda was divided into three groups: Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa. The Hutu people made up eighty five percent of the population, the Tutsi made up fourteen, and the very small group Twa made up the very little amount of one percent. Since the Hutu thought that the Tutsi were responsible for killing the President, who was also a part of the Hutu tribe, Hutu extremist decided that they would destroy the Tutsi and everything they had. This genocide was one of the most brutal in history approximately 800,000 Tutsi, and Hutu were lost. A large part of the Rwanda population was killed during this tragedy and many people were against it. Sadly, Hutu extremist did not care who died. The genocide ended 100 days after it started. (Rosenberg 1) The event that sparked the genocide went back a little further than just the murder of the president. It started in the early 1970’s when President Habyarimana was first elected. The president was unkind, inconsiderate, and totalitarian. He was a Hutu, which pleased the Hutu because that meant more opportunity for them. This was government sponsored because the Hutu people would never have been able to kill that many people if they did not have the weapons. The weapons were provided by the government who trusted them, and did not trust the Tutsi people. In the Hutu people’s mind this made the Tutsi’s inferior because they were always excluded. The Tutsi were not allowed to participate in many activities with the government. (Bridget Johnson 1) Another thing that sparked not only the genocide but...

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