Rwanda Genocide

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, Hutu Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: May 17, 2010
For over a half of a century in Rwandas history, the Tutsi and Hutu tribes fought over power in a ethnic battle fueled by discrimination and harsh persecution. The Tutsi and Hutu tribes were pushed against eachother by foreign imperialistic powers until finally in 1994 a large scale incedent was finally sparked. The blame of this incedent cannot be put unto anyone without looking into the years of hatred that built up to it.

Before the European occupation of Rwanda, The Tutsis and Hutus lived coexistent lifestyles. Tutsis and Hutus were separate ethnic groups that lived peacefully. Some Tutsis and Hutus were local chiefs within Rwanda, and at this time there was no organized discrimination or Clashes between the groups. After World War 1, Belgium overtook Rwanda as a colony and established the Tutsis as the natural born leaders of the Nation. The once peaceful lifestyle that existed in Rwanda was no more, As all Tutsis were given Identity cards to distinguish them from the Hutu Subclass. During this period racial tensions mounted as the Hutus were oppressed.

During the 1950s, the Tutsi Elite began to strive towards independence and lash out against the centralized Belgian rule in Rwanda. In an attempt to silence this movement, the Belgian Government shifted their support towards the Hutu Majority who lacked experience in domination. Soon after, with the Communist nations in the United Nations supporting Rwandan Independence, Clashes between the weaker Tutsis and the now Dominant Hutus broke out. In 1959 without intervention from either the UN or the Belgian Government, Hutus began to Burn down Tutsi villages, and kill freely. This conflict left an estimated 300 Tutsi Civilians dead.

In the Early 1960s, Belgium began to replace most Tutsi tribal chiefs with Hutus, resulting in an uneven balance within Rwanda. With the Hutu Majority in Power, the systematic persecution of Tutsis began. The United Nations began to promote a peaceful resolution...
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