Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, Hutu Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: February 11, 2014

Taking on Responsibility

In 1994 the Hutu ethnic group targeted the Tutsis ethnicity of Rwanda, this was one of the worst massacres to occur in recent history and is now deemed to be a genocide of the Tutsis. During this genocide, a citizen of Rwanda, Paul Rusesbagina assumed responsibility for many Tutsis refugees that were fleeing for their safety. Paul was a Hutu man that was the General Manager of a luxury hotel known as the Hotel Des Milles Collines in Kigali, Rwanda. Throughout the film the hotel becomes a refugee camp for Tutsis. During the film Paul's responsibility level increases significantly due to three main factors: the influence of his wife Tatiana, the number of refugees that sought safety at the hotel, and the actions or non-action of the United Nations (UN).

Paul's wife Tatiana was a Tutsi which meant her life was in danger along with their two children’s. Tatiana believed Paul to be an upstanding and honest man who could make a difference for those in danger Tatiana wanted Paul to take action to help their neighbours and friends throughout the genocide, "do something Paul!" (Hotel Rwanda) Tatiana pleaded this as they saw their neighbour being brutally attacked by the Hutu Militia. Paul at this point sadly says that he cannot do anything, as Victor their neighbour is not family, and family is what he has to protect right now. As the movie progresses the genocide also progresses and thousands of Tutsis were being killed every day, Tatiana begs Paul to leave the hotel to find their nieces and to bring them back to the hotel where they would have more chance of survival. Paul says no, that he is not leaving her or the children, he begs Madame Archer who was already planning on leaving the hotel to get the rest of the orphan children to go and check the house the girls were last seen. Paul wants to ensure the safety of his family as well as everyone at the hotel so he knows the less time he spends away from the hotel the more he can keep...
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