Rustico and Alibech Characters

Topics: Protagonist, Antihero, Character Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: August 24, 2013
1. Alibech
A charming and beautiful naive fourteen years old. Only daughter of several children of a rich man in Capsa. Which attracted by Christianity decides to visit a hermit in the desert of the Thebaid , a place in Egypt synonymous with monasticism. She becomes a hermit.

PROTAGONIST because she is the main character in story which it talks about her experience with Rustico and her innocence on what she could do to serve God.

2. Rustico
A monk. A young devout hermit. He teaches Alibech to put the devil in hell. PROTAGONIST together with Alibech they are the main characters of the story because he is the one who tell Alibech to put the devil in hell. 3. Neerbale

A young man, who squandered away all of his money. He is the one who retrieve Alibech and brought her back to Capsa. He became the husband of Alibech.

ANTIHERO because he found out that Alibech is still alive and he wants to marry her for the heirs of Alibech. He has no money because spent all of his money in riotous living. or
FLAT CHARACTER because there are no any changes with his character and it is still the same.

4. Ladies/ Townswomen
They are the one who asked Alibech before Alibech had the chance to sleep with her husband Neerbale. STEREOTYPE CHARACTER because they are also doing what Alibech also does. Especially the things would serve God. 5. Dineo

The narrator of the story.

FLAT CHARACTER because there is no change in his character from the start of the story, he still narrates it.
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