Russian Revolution

Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: June 8, 2013
The Russian Revolution of 1917 was certainly a turning point in Russian history. Many events led to the revolution, which actually consisted of two revolutions, the March Revolution and the November Revolution. By the end of the revolution, it was deemed successful. The Bolsheviks had successfully taken over Petrograd and within a short time controlled Russia. “Power had passed from the moderates to a small band of dedicated extremists with a vision of an entirely changed society.” (Findley-Rothney, p. 89) The most obvious of causes would be the circumstances in Russia. Russia was in a state of distress before the revolutions occurred. The food shortages were a major problem. There was not nearly enough to go around and prices were high. The people of Russia were forced to pay high taxes and the gap between the poor and the rich was widening every day. Some people were also not satisfied with the tsar’s, Nicholas II, autocratic rule and wanted to replace it with a more democratic system. Bloody Sunday was also a major factor that played into the brewing of the revolutions. It managed to trigger a revolution of its own. In 1905 on Sunday, January 22nd more than 200,000 workers gathered in St. Petersburg. Cities were rapidly industrializing and more often than not, the laborers suffered grueling hours and the shacks they went home to were not pleasant. Workers were becoming dissatisfied with their conditions, however strikes of any sort were not allowed. When the workers had gathered together their protests and could not take any more they decided to stand up for themselves. “Their peaceful attempt to petition the tsar by gathering outside his palace in St. Petersburg ended in a hail of bullets.” (Findley-Rothney, p. 87) Hundreds of workers were brutally massacred outside the Winter Palace. Citizens of Russia did not like the power at hand. Alexandra, the tsar’s wife, was thought to be a spy having been German. What everyone thought to be her lover, Rasputin, was...
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