Russian Revolution

Topics: Women's rights, Soviet Union, Russia Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: August 30, 2007
In 1917 the most important Russian Revolution event occurred; this milestone was the emancipation of women; when women's oppression was overcome. This was the first time the complete economic, political and sexual equality of women was put on the historic agenda. The main priority was not only to defend women rights but to also defend human rights and liberties. They also wanted to support family as a community not only from the public but also from the government. The equality of family rights and duties of the men and women were also just as important. Before the Russian Revolution, Russian women were exploited during the industrialization development. Women were condemned to be physically exhausted from production, while being oppressed by men. They were not aware of the limits that were imposed on their individual development or their fundamental social rights. Women would spend their time confined to their home and were restricted to the general society if they weren't their family. In the article by Elissabetta Rossi she states "Gender oppression starts to be perceived as a limitation of women's freedom when the capitalist mode of production asserts itself, and with it the use of machines becomes widespread. This is because these machines completely undermine independent (or household) production and allow working class women to seek a role outside their home. "This caused the women to stand up and defend their interests to gain the same amount of rights as men. This was the beginning of the struggle of women's emancipation. The Bolsheviks (known for seizing power in Russia during the Russian Revolution & for founding the Soviet Union,) were involved in this revolution. With the help of Lenin and Trotsky (socialist politician &influential politician in the early days of the Soviet Union) they imagined a development of industry and planned a nationalized economy, which gave women the opportunity to work outside of the home. They also established a...

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