Russian Cuisine

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) Russian Cuisine  
To my mind, delicious food is one of the greatest pleasures in our life. Russian cuisine is original food. Russian people usually have meals three times a day. In the morning they have breakfast, in the afternoon — dinner and in the evening it's time for supper. Let us start with breakfast. This meal doesn't usually take much time to prepare, due to the fact that people, as a rule, are in a hurry for work, school or somewhere else. It may include just sandwiches, fried or scrambled eggs, muesli or various kinds of porridges. It is more common for Russian people to drink black tea with jam or honey but there are ones who prefer coffee in the morning. A traditional Russian dinner consists of three courses. It is the main meal of the day. First of all snacks are served. Then comes the first course — soup. There is a great variety of different soups in Russia but the most famous is "borsch". Shchi, rassolnik, okroshka are also cooked in Russia. Of course, it is not the whole list of traditional Russian soups, but these are the most popular ones. After the soup the second course follows. It usually includes meat or fish. The main course is usually served with garnish — potatoes, pasta or vegetables. Russian people often eat pelmeni (meat dumplings) for the second course. Pelmeni are often cooked by the whole family. As for the third course, it is usually a drink — compote, kissel or mors. Sometimes this course includes desserts. It may be ice-cream, baked apples or some fresh fruit. Supper is the longest meal of the day, since it is time when the whole family can gather at one table and discuss some new. Supper may consist fried potatoes, fried fish or chicken. But there are also people who prefer light supper such as cottage cheese with sugar or milk and jam, an apple cake called "sharlotka", or a potato cake, or some vegetables. It will depend just on a person's preference. In my opinion, Russian cuisine is one of the most varied and...
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