Russian and Orange Revolutions

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History themes, Task 3
Colonial India
Russian Revolution/Orange Revolution
History themes, Task 3
The Romans were thought to be the first to realize the benefit of trade with India. They chose to just have a part in the trade market however not attempt to gain control of the country. Eventually the British chose to go into India with the idea of colonization. The Indians were for the colonization at first. They realized the benefits of modern technology that the British could bring. However later they realized that they had lost all control of their country and were being treated as immigrants or second class citizens in their own country.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 is known as a series of revolutions that occurred. The goal of the revolution was to get rid of the Tsar family that had been ruling Russia. The people wanted to create a social and democracy equal government. The country had been involved in several wars that caused them to spend a lot of money and lose a lot of the military. This caused the people of Russia to become discouraged. The revolutions destroyed the Tsarist autocracy and created the Soviet Union. The first revolutions in February overthrew the imperial government. The second revolution in October put the Bolsheviks into power. The country went from a single ruler to a committee of leaders ("Ukraines orange revolution," 2005) .

The Orange Revolution in the Ukraine was a series of non violent protests in 2004 into 2005. The protests occurred because of the fraud during the elections. The protests lasted seventeen days. The organizers called for media attention so that if the protests resulted in violence the government would be held accountable. The result of the protests caused a new election. The election resulted in the current leader losing and a new leader coming into power ("Ukraines orange revolution," 2005) . 3

History themes, Task 3
It is thought that the Romans were the first to go into Indian for their trade...

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