Russia problems faced

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What Problems did Russia face between 1914 and 1916

When war broke out in Europe, in August 1914, it brought an end to industrial unrest in Russia. The country united behind the Tsar and his government in an atmosphere of patriotism. Although Russia invaded eastern Germany and eastern Austrian Hungary, by the en of 1916 the Russian army was in retreat. The war also had a major effect on the position of the Tsar and his family. Under the influence of Rasputin, an unpopular adviser, the Tsarina became increasingly unpopular. finally, Russia suffered serious economic dislocation because of the war. by Christmas 1916 the country was entering a period of major crisis. At first it seemed that the war might strengthen Tsarism, but by 1916 it was on the brink of collapse.

The initial successes of world war one were short lived for Russia. In August 1914. Russian armies entered east Prussia. They also overran much of the Austro-Hungarian province of Germany. However the Russian advance was stopped at the Battle of Tannenburg, in which the German generals Hindenburg and Lundendorf won a crushing victory over the Russian generals. By the time the battle ended, 30,000 Russian troops were killed or wounded and 95,000 captured. Where as the Germans suffered fewer than 20,000 casualties. September and October was a disaster for Russia as the Germans has smashed 3 of the Russian armies, killing 120,000 Russians in one day. In 1915 the Austrians and Germans launched a joint offensive which drove the Russians but of Poland, a setback which promoted the Tsar to make the worst decision to take over himself as the commander in chief and leave Petrograd for the Front. This was proved to be a mistake as the Tsar did not have any military experience or strategy. The Tsar believed that he was a strong leader and a supreme autocrat, however he was shown to be the opposite and when Russia seemed to be nearly facing defeat in 1916, there was nobody to blame except the Tsar....
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