Russia Before 1881

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Russia before 1881

The rulers of Russia before 1855 were regarded as reactionary autocrats, unwilling to consider any political or social change. The rulers in Russia:
1855-1881 Tsar Alexander II Absolute Monarchy
1881-1894 Tsar Alexander III

Tsar Alexander II received the title ‘Tsar Liberator” because he instituted important liberal changes such as the emancipation of the serfs.
Alexander the III was seen as a reactionary monarch and many people didn’t like this as he wasn’t open to any reforms which led to a lot of radical opposition during his reign and he was eventually assassinated in 1881 and taken over by Alexander III
Problems with Russia in before 1881

Russia takes up ⅙ of the entire land surface of earth – meaning Russia was too large to control, too hard to defend as it’s too hard to send an army to each side as it would takes ages. As it was so massive and Russia had only one ruler the country was impossible to control.
It took too long time to travel across Russia as bad railway systems – this meant it was hard to send resources to certain places in Russia and this could result in famines as some place in Russia may not have enough food and it’s hard to send food back to them, it was hard to move soldiers.
It had various climates and terrains-This meant that was hard for people to grow crops as it has different temperatures in different parts making difficult grow vegetation
Russia had had a large ethnic population as it took up a vast amount land and even reaching in to Europe and Asia.


Russia’s was mainly a rural country , with agriculture being the main source to the economy- the problem is even though Russia was getting lots of money from agriculture is that that it still wasn’t enough and as the main industry was agriculture they had hardly any secondary industry’s and were very backwards

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