Rushdie's the Courter

Topics: The Power and the Glory, Mexico, Copyright Pages: 8 (2583 words) Published: April 9, 2008
The novel The Power and the Glory deals with religious persecution in Mexico after the Mexican Revolution of 1910. There were clashes between the state and the church and under the presidency of Plutarco Elias Calles (1924-28), anti-clerical measures were adopted and organized religion was banned. Calles believed that the Catholic Church was responsible for…………. CHARACTERS

Major Characters
The Whisky Priest - the protagonist of the book who is supposedly the last surviving priest in a province where churches have been closed down. He is trying to…….. The Lieutenant - the antagonist of the Whisky Priest. He is an ambitious young man who wishes to see his country free from poverty, superstition, and ignorance. Since he believes…….. Maria - the woman with whom the Whisky Priest …….

Brigitta - the illegitimate daughter of……..
Padre José - a weak Priest who, in order to save his life, gives up his……. The Chief of Police - a character who is more interested in ………. The Mestizo - a half-Spanish and half-Indian man who ……… James Calvin (The Gunman or The Gringo) - a bank robber and murderer who is pursued by the……… Minor Characters

Mr. Tench - an English dentist who is stranded in Mexico.
Captain Charles Fellows - a foreigner and a trader who operates the Central American Banana Company and who is resented by the Mexicans.
Mrs. Trix Fellows - Captain Fellows’ wife…………
Protagonist: The Whisky Priest, as a symbol of the Church, is the………. Antagonist: The Lieutenant, as the symbol of the ……….. Conflict: The conflict in The Power and the Glory is between the Government (the Power) and the Church (the Glory). The Government wishes to ………….

Climax: The Whisky Priest’s meeting with the Lieutenant at the police station after spending a night in prison is the climax of the plot. This takes place in ……….. Outcome: The story of the Whisky Priest ends in a tragedy when ………. The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene - MonkeyNotes by, Inc. Copyright ã1997-1999, All Rights Reserved No further distribution without the written consent of, Inc. 3

The plot of The Power and the Glory is a simple one. It is the story of a priest who tries to practice his faith while seeking safety in the anti-religious age in Mexico. He journeys from Carmen through various villages and back to Carmen again, with the Lieutenant constantly in pursuit of him. Imprisonment and release take him away from Carmen a second time. Again, he moves from village to village performing his priestly duties until he is………

The Church is eternal and triumphant, and no repressive regime can destroy it. MOOD
The mood of the novel is gloomy. The picture of the world as presented through Mexico is chaotic, and sin is ever present. Vultures, snakes, hyenas, beetles, turkeys, and sharks are all unpleasant creatures contributing to the mood. The physical features of the land are ………… BACKGROUND INFORMATION

Graham Greene, one of six children, was born on October 2, 1904, in Berhamsted, Hertfordshire, England. He attended Berhamsted public school, where his father was the headmaster. He also went to Balliol College at Oxford in 1922. His life at school and at home was so unhappy that he…….. LITERARY/HISTORICAL INFORMATION

Graham Greene had a long literary career. He started writing before World War II and continued writing until his death in 1991. He gained popularity in the thirties, largely because …….. CHAPTER SUMMARIES WITH NOTES

The chapter opens with Tench, the dentist, who is looking for his ether cylinder, which is supposed to have come by ship. The first description of the scene is ominous. Vultures are looking down from a rooftop on a scorching Mexican waterfront; they are in search of carrion. Tench throws a stone and hits them. One vulture flies over the plaza, over the bust of an ex-president, and toward the river and the sea....
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